Did she really say that out loud about………………………. people who drive flashy cars

I am going to keep this one short today! (Lucky for you guys)

Why is it that everyone that drives an expensive car, cannot actually drive at all?
How come their new Mercedes CLK can’t go any faster than 30kmph as they are accelerating off the lights?
Is there some unwritten rule for the wealthy that I don’t know about , whereby if they stop in front an old P.O.S (that I have)
they must go painfully slow until we get the shits, attempt to go around them, and then at this stage they put their foot on the accelerator and
are going 80kmph five seconds later?? I hate them. No, that’s not very nice. I really, really don’t like them at all!! :{

And what’s up with P Plate (provisional drivers such as teenagers) drivers driving $100,00.00 cars?? Are they all drug dealers, or did mummy and daddy buy it for them??? I don’t like them either.

For newbies, you may not know, but I am a bitter old woman – regulars to my blog will already be well aware of this fact 😉


Did she really say that out loud about………..the wealthy


First up, apologies for the whinging tone of this post. But unfortunately for all of you, (not that I think that many people read this), this is the point of my posts, to freely whinge, complain and get the monkey off my back in a guilt and consequence free environment.

I think I have pretty much covered everything about being poor (well not everything, I’m reserving the right to come back to it in another post), so today I want to rip into the wealthy.

I think what probably shits me the most is, if you don’t have wealth, it’s near impossible to get it. Yes, there is the old adage about working very hard and being dedicated, but I work very hard and I am very dedicated and ya’ll know I’m not rich. I can imagine that if you are born into money, that it would be easy to maintain it. You have affluent people advising you about any financial decisions, you have family supporting you (providing a nice place to live, paying the bills in said house) allowing you to focus on making more money, and everyone around you in your social group are also bloody wealthy. If you make a bad choice, you write it off and start with the next venture. Or one of your friends gives you an executive level job and after a few years, you are back in the same position as whence you first started. All the while living in a nice house, and definitely not struggling.

But how do you get it if you never had it??

I am sure luck is a big factor in some of these cases, but you sure as shit can’t earn luck. And I think luck actually follows the same premise as wealth. Surround yourself with ‘lucky’ people and it seems to draw you in. Things start going right, you get that promotion you have been angling for, your kid gets a scholarship that you were hoping for. It’s stuffed. I swear to the Good Lord above, I have no stinking luck.

And I guess the thing that is really bothering me the most, is how upset I feel about it all, cheated if you like. I have become a bitter, twisted shell of my former self, and just don’t remember this happening. I see people driving a new car, not a really expensive car, just a standard new car, and I feel hatred. “How do they have a new car and I’m still borrowing my mums car to go to work?” Or the lady I work with was talking about how her daughter is going away for the weekend, not overseas or anything. “Bitch” I thought. I have always struggled, and have never been able to even take my kids on a proper holiday. Sure, we have been to funerals and stayed the night in a cheap motel, but that doesn’t really cut it, does it?

When I have heard things like this is the past, I would instantly think….”Good on her, I’m sure she needs a break” or “That’s nice, you have finally bought a new car for yourself, good on you”. What happened to me?
I am a hard worker, I try and pay my bills, but after I pay for the rent and bills, there is nothing left. I can never get ahead. I,
(as previous readers would know) have even started another part time job, just to put food on the table. That’s why I think people who are born into wealth must just have it so good. I have a million ideas for businesses, just no one to listen or finance me, like I said earlier, I am not surrounded by profitable people. I think I could really take charge of a project or established business, but, don’t know any rich business people to give me an executive role.

So, not only am I a poor, unlucky woman, but now I am also a bitter and twisted poor, unlucky woman. And I really hate that about myself.
I guess one plus is that I don’t really portray to this to anyone. I keep my hatred and opinions to myself. My work colleagues would probably describe me as a bubbly, helpful and thoughtful employee. HA! If only they knew the truth :)

did she really say that outloud about………. being poor….again

even his pockets are bear!

even his pockets are bear!


I thought I would keep you updated in regards to my last post.
I’m still here, just.. I managed to sell my desktop computer so at least I was able to buy some food. I have had to all but give up smoking, yes I know, that should have been first, but I don’t smoke all that much, and I do have 3 young boys, so we should all be thankful that I am not a bloody alcoholic.
I also went for an interview yesterday afternoon at a fish and chip shop, and I start tomorrow. The money is crap but at least its something coming in on a weekly basis and I have still got a heap of stuff listed for sale online, so I do hope that these items get picked up sooner rather than later. (Anyone in need of a Cardio Twister or 4x bar stools? he he lol)

Well I have done two shifts at the fish and chip shop now, and I really like it. I have done this work in a previous life, and it really was like riding a bike, it all came straight back to me! And the best thing is, it’s not overly long hours, so I finish my office job at 4pm go to the take away and finish at about 8:30pm. I was worried I was going to have to work to some ungodly hour each night, and never see the kids 😦
Also, they pay at the end of each shift so I can get bread and milk when I need it, without having to borrow from the bank of mum or dad or best friend!!
In saying all that, I am still not out of the woods yet. I have a huge phone/internet bill (am waiting to be disconnected), two cable bills, am behind on our rent and I won’t even mention our electricity bill!! I need to find a more sustainable (and more profitable) way of bringing home more money. I don’t get an excessive wage, but what I do get each month tends to all go on rent. I would move to a cheaper house, but it costs a lot of money to move and I just don’t have it. Besides, the cheapest house we can get is only $80-$100 per week cheaper than what we are currently paying, and with my extra work, seems like a huge expense to move for really not that much of a saving. Also, where we currently are living the kids can walk to school and we are close to a train station. Wherever else we move to, the children would have to be driven to a NEW school, (extra petrol) I would have to travel more (bus and trains – and additional costs in fares), so I can’t see that in the long run I would be saving that much money.

I would like to buy 50 tickets in the lottery, because apart from a huge winfall, I can’t really see any other way out 😦
But I cant afford to………… (If it wasn’t happening to me, I could see the funny side of that!!)

Did she really say that out loud about…..being poor

It sucks being poor. For the first time in my life, I am really scared. There is twenty dollars in the bank, and I don’t get paid again for another 22 days.  (I get paid monthly) What the hell I am going to do. I have applied for every job I have seen and heard nothing,. I’ve applied for everything not really requiring a skill set (cleaner, cook, take away food shop), so I’ve not been picky. My next thought was dropping my resume off to a couple of local businesses tomorrow after work and seeing if I get any interest?
I keep looking around my house at things to sell, but we don’t really have anything. (God – how embarrassing). I was thinking of selling the gas heater, we do have air conditioning, so it’s not like I would be leaving us with nothing, and we do have a couple of those little radiator heaters too. I just know that I could maybe get $100 for it straight up.  Not much else though, maybe the little Nescafé coffee maker thing, I might get $30 for it?  Any takers?

I then start to think about all the other families in the same situation as me.  We have a house, for now, I am admittingly waiting for a ‘Notice to Vacate’.  But I am sure there are heaps who are not as fortunate, how the bloody hell do they do it??  I can’t really get any financial help from my parents, but could probably stay there for a few weeks until my  old rental bond cheque clears and have found another {cheaper} place to live.  What about those who aren’t so fortunate?  I have had to live in motel rooms and cabins for about a month a few years ago dragging everything around with you everywhere you go, I just couldn’t imagine doing it for a longer length of time.  Is this a silent epidemic that is quietly crippling a growing number of those all around us, without us even knowing? I know that I would be mortified if anyone I worked with or knew, found out what kind of situation I was actually in.

I guess I don’t really know where I am going with this blog today, maybe just wanting to vent?  But as I am writing this, it’s embarrassingly clear that I am really failing.  I’m failing my kids, I’m failing myself and I feel like I am a disappointment to my lovely parents.  I wish I could maybe do a George (from Seinfeld) and if I start doing the opposite of everything I have been doing, then maybe that will kick start a positive change?   I suppose the worst thing is that even after getting this off my chest, which usually makes me feel better and helps me put things in perspective, I am really in exactly the same place as where I started.  However, in saying all that I really appreciate you stopping by to read about another persons point of view.


Did she really say that out loud about……Rachel Canning?

Poor diddums

Poor diddums.  The sour faced Rachel Canning at her emancipation hearing.



I was shocked to read (although in this day and age I don’t know why) recently about the teenage girl, Rachel Canning, suing her parents.
I am not sure what I was really that shocked about, the fact that a teenager would disrespect her parents to that extent or that the authorities have allowed it to proceed to court at all. I appreciate that not all family dynamics fall into that expected cheesy, positive relationship that we happily portray to the general society.However, you have to admit, it does seem very extreme to sue your parents. Could you imagine it? I tried to think about suing my parents, or even a reason why I would want to sue them, but keep coming up blank. There was that time that I came home with my nose pierced (this was nearly 20 years ago now people – it was really cool then), my dad hit the roof and was going to “rip it out of my nose” and wouldn’t have a daughter “looking like that”. I also really wanted to go on a school trip to America, but we really couldn’t afford the $4,000.00 to go. I guess I could have sued them for that, although after the court fees, they would have had even less money than when we started!!

I guess it was also the cheek of the girl, I mean suing them for so much. $650 per week for child support (I thought she wanted to be more adult), plus the remainder of her school tuition at her current private school and her legal fees. So to break it down, she wants her parents to pay $650 a week to live, eat, pay board (I assume) and I don’t really know what else you do with the other $450 each week (my three kids and I live on half of that!). Rachel also wants her parents to continue paying her private catholic school fees, and no doubt pay for uniforms and excursions as well. And then, as icing on the cake, would like her mum and dad to pay for the legal fees that she has (and will continue to) accrue in a case against them. All they wanted her to do was to follow the house rules including not seeing her current boyfriend. Shit. How many of our parents forbade us form seeing one boy or another?? It’s almost a rite of passage as a female teenager.

Honestly, it doesn’t get more ballsy than that. “Who the f**k does she think she is?” is the first thing that springs to mind.

I hate to admit it but I can’t help thinking though, how much her parents are to blame for these actions. A child that has such little respect for her parents (and that truly is how I see it), you would have to assume, would also have little respect for any other authority figures in her life, where does this attitude come from? I know that this new generation is deemed as (well I deem them) lazy, over confident and – I know that this is the term of the hour but – have such a sense of entitlement! We all want to give our children a better life than what we had, but where do we draw the line? Giving them everything on a silver platter like clothes, cash and catering to their every whim is obviously not working, how do we find that happy medium? Disciplining our children with love and respect, educating them in life and its lessons, and hoping like hell that they have listened to all of your rants about drugs, drinking and “that” guy….
And let’s face it, Rachel’s parents were trying to enforce household chores and rules when her reaction was, naturally, to sue.

I was glad that the judge had some common sense and logic and was pleased to see that this case was unsuccessful. I did have a little giggle at their comments though. She felt it would be setting a “dangerous precedent” and the judge continued by saying “Are we going to open the gates for 12-year-olds to sue for an Xbox? For 13-year-olds to sue for an iPhone?” (if she were to find in Rachel’s favour). Now I am sure this is a fair point, but to someone who is still dismayed at the fact that a child can frivolously sue their parents, did find them amusing.

So now I am sure you can understand how pissed off I was this morning to learn that dear little Rachel has just received a scholarship to Western New England University, for four years including her accommodation on campus. Really? How the f**k does this happen? A cheeky teenager, causes soo much trouble for her parents, not to mention the money they have spent on her ludicrous emancipation case, plenty of media covering the whole thing, and her reward? (or constellation prize?) A fully paid for university degree and (most of) her expenses too for the next four years! I just can’t believe it. Under what circumstances did she “qualify” for this? Surely these scholarships are set up for people who desperately want that opportunity to learn, have clearly demonstrated their commitment and determination to their studies over years and who really cannot afford to do this without the scholarship? If I am honest, from what I know (little as it may be) about Rachel, I am surprised that she actually even took the scholarship considering that this school wasn’t her first choice (University of Vermont).

So, to wrap this up, I am mortified to say that the moral of the story seems to be;
Teenagers, if you don’t get your way the first time, try, try again, and then if that doesn’t work, involve the courts, the media and your friends until you get what you want – or a close equivalent.
Spoilt Brats – keep getting more spoilt as their needs and wants grow ever more extravagant. No lesson learnt, if anything we have reiterated that behaving badly (or disrespectfully) will be rewarded with what you want.
Thank you Western New England University.